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Congratulations to Zhang Yujian and Wi Qian Confirmed Married wiht child

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 On 15th March 2021, Zhang Yujian wrote a waibo post which seemingly confirmed he has a child with the actress Wu Qian. "(I have)  an ordinary love life, marriage and lovely child.  According to standard legal procedures. I don't care if you criticize me because I don't know you.  I have no obligation to tell you any personal matters.  I just want to give the child a normal growth environemnt you really shouldn't take pictures of my daughter and expose my daughter's name. This time, her parents have neglected their duty and failed to protect her. Her mother blames herself and feels very sad up to now. Don't do this again". 

This was in response to rumours that Wu Qian had a daughter,  as she was photographed outside eating with her child. Zhang Yujian was rumoured to be the father of the child, and fans accused the pair of "hiding their marriage and child" from the public.

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